Architecting and implementing a new eCommerce site is no trivial matter for any retailer. Whether it’s your first venture into the online channel, an update to an existing successful site, or a wholesale redevelopment of your web presence, every eCommerce project is a large and mission-critical investment that must deliver real and lasting ROI.


The demands of online retail are different from other web projects. If your site goes down during the holiday season, what does that do to your brand? To your revenues?

Exactly how comfortable are you with putting this complex and specialized requirement in untested hands?

Pivotree has an extensive track record of successfully delivering complex and robust enterprise-grade eCommerce implementations, every single one of which is still deployed today. The core team that delivered those sites, built as early as 2001, remains intact, making us one of the longest-standing eCommerce deployment teams on the planet. This has led to our being one of the first in the World to be certified by Oracle as an Oracle ATG Web Commerce 10 specialist.

To maximize your ROI, your eCommerce platform implementation must be tightly engineered for the long-term, with the ability to sustain numerous product version upgrades with ease and to effortlessly handle increased traffic during your peak retail seasons.


Pivotree’s eCommerce platform development phase typically includes the following:

      • Architecture for Core Commerce Application

      • Environment, Infrastructure and Network Setup

      • Customization and Business Logic

      • Configuration of relevant Commerce Platform modules

      • Back-end integration

      • Reporting configuration

      • Admin Tools configuration

      • Data Migration

      • Integration, Performance and Load Testing

      • QA and User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

      • Data Upload

      • Deployment

      • Mobile development