Full-Service SAP Commerce Business Operations Support 



Benefit from:

Access to a team of experts - including senior level SAP Commerce architects

Less employees to hire, train, and retain

Improvement of your SAP Commerce site over time

Save the time you need to concentrate on your core business activities

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Thinkwrap is your SAP Commerce Business Operations Support partner. 

A truly omnichannel commerce system integrates all business systems, tools, and process with the platform and site, in addition to hosting, whether bare-metal or cloud. Thinkwrap's Business Operations Support is the central nervous system of our most successful clients' SAP Commerce systems.

We have a chain of issue escalation that begins with our core team - a fully trained development and support group - and ends in senior level SAP Commerce architects at the head of our company to provide guidance for the most complicated issues. Your dedicated team supports your SAP Commerce platform and coordinates with third-party vendors, to ensure effective communication. 

Through continuous bug fixes, maintenance, and upgrades, your SAP Commerce site will actually improve overtime. As we become familiar with your system, we can catch regular issues, and fix them so they stop happening.


Business Operations Support gives you peace of mind and access to trained SAP Commerce experts to save you the time you need to concentrate on your core business activities

What's included?


Business and Technical Support

If you know you have an issue that may affect your SAP Commerce system, you can come to us, and we will find the solution for you. Save your time for your core business activities. However, beyond the standard support model, we offer...


Proactive Diagnostics - Daily, Weekly, and Quarterly

We monitor your system and catch issues in your critical business activities before they affect your customer experience. We do this by monitoring our customer’s success from different levels on a daily, weekly, and quarterly basis. If we see that there is a problem, from security, to undesirable customer cart behaviour, to unexpected issues with integrations, we will alert you, and help make a decision on how best to proceed.


Relationship-based consulting in our 1-1 monthly calls

Frequent updates from your Thinkwrap support team ensure you're maximizing the benefits to your site and system. We want you to learn from us, too. We use our technological know-how and experience in Commerce to advise you strategically - helping you grow your business. It's like having a Thinkwrap support pro in your back pocket. Learn more about the qualifications of our support team.


Different Packages Include*:

  Silver Gold Platinum


• Order data flow, payment issues, integration to financial systems, cart behaviour

 Inquiries from Customer Service Representatives.

 Integration to order fulfillment systems/fulfillment partners.

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 Product Inventory Synchronization

• Feed-related issues

 Product-related issues (i.e. setup of the product, product hierarchy)

 Product Reviews

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• Any updates, changes, or error investigation related to customer profiles.

Loyalty Programs

• Any error investigation related to loyalty programs.

General Troubleshooting on Application/Functionality


• Validate critical overnight import jobs

 Error investigation and troubleshooting related to the feeds

 Assist with optimizing feed ingestion schedule

Creating or Investigating Issues with Promos/Coupons/Giftcards  
Creating Scripts to Fix Miscellaneous Issues  
Maintenance Pages - Content/Behaviour  
CDN - Cloudfare, Akamai, etc.    

24/7 System Monitoring


20 Hours Monthly of Support Work


40 Hours Monthly of Support Work


80 Hours Monthly of Support Work



*All plans are customizable based on yours specific needs - please schedule a consultation for more information.

“They have been absolutely great partners. They have gotten to know our business, and helped us work through any challenges.”

– Gail Seanor, Sr. Director, Marketing Technology, TGI Fridays


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About our support team

Thinkwrap Commerce's team of experienced SAP Commerce developers, UX professionals, QA analysts, and senior level architects create value for our clients by creating close relationships, learning their systems, and responding quickly to clients' needs. We have a deep understanding of the e-commerce landscape and next-generation system architecture - such as Headless Commerce and microservices-oriented architecture - and have been working with major e-commerce platforms since 2010.

Our team is known for its Black Friday support (in 2018, our largest clients experience an 800% increase in user sessions), because they are dedicated to the success of all our clients' sites, meaning your brand is always ready to deliver great customer experiences.

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