SAP Hybris 6.4 Upgrade Features


SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4 adds new features and functionality to what we saw in the release of 6.3 earlier this year. Enhancements to the SmartEdit tool, Commerce Accelerator, Backoffice PCM and Search & Navigation make up the bulk of the latest update.

SAP Hybris 6.4

Download the SAP Hybris Commerce 6.4 feature overview now:

  • New Backoffice CRM built on the existing Backoffice framework introduces a new, simplified user interface
  • Enhanced functionality has been added to Commerce Quotes within the Commerce Accelerator
  • Personalization within the SmartEdit tool continues to evolve, allowing marketers to gain real-time insights on anonymous users.
  • Enhancements to Search & Navigation function includes a totally customizable configuration for product search
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