SAP Hybris Commerce & SAP Commerce Cloud Upgrades

Ensure your SAP Hybris Commerce or SAP Commerce Cloud upgrade is seamless and successful. You need a partner with the understanding and expertise to take you from strategy to delivery.

SAP Hybris Release 6.0

Key features of 6.0 include

  • Introduction of SmartEdit to help business users easily manage CMS content with intuitive drag & drop functionality.

  • Rule-based promotion engine allows marketers to chose from promotions templates or get creative with totally custom rules in the rule builder.

  • Integration with new and improved Hybris OMS truly gives one view of the customer.

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SAP Hybris Release 6.1

Key features of 6.1 include

  • Self-service tools for customers help improve customer satisfaction and reduce administrative overload.

  • Enhanced coupon management lets marketers get even more out of the promotions & rules engine introduced in 6.0.

  • Real-time content personalization gives marketers the leading edge. Business users can deliver contextual messaging and promotions based on real-time insights.

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SAP Hybris Release 6.2

Key features of 6.2 include

  • Added Promotion Engine functionality, including Potential Promotions to boost revenue and customer satisfaction. 

  • SmartEdit drag & drop editor introduced for B2B customers and works the same as the SmartEdit tool for B2C customers.

  • Enhanced Self-service options including order modification capabilities (returns, order cancellations).

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Hybris 6.3

Key features of 6.3 include

  • Introduction of Commerce Quotes to help B2B sellers to easily negotiate quotes with customers.

  • New self-service functionality in the Order Management tool allow customers to initiate full or partial returns.

  • Customer Service can access more customer info. including recommended products in one place.

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SAP Hybris 6.4

Key features of 6.4 include

  • A new Backoffice PCM with a new, simplified UI.

  • Enhanced Personalization within SmartEdit to target anonymous users.

  • Improvements to Commerce Quotes within the Commerce Accelerator.

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SAP Hybris Commerce 6.5

Key features of 6.5 include

  • New integrations with other SAP poducts.

  • New SmartEdit features like support for frontend-driven storefronts.

  • Updates to Hybris Commerce Accelerators 

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Hybris Card 6-6

Key features of 6.6 include

  • Introduction of GDPR Features to prepare for the May 25th 2018 deadline

  • New Personalization Features based on SmartEdit to allow more personalized commerce experiences

  • Search and Navigation improvements that allow better targeting of groups

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Customer Experience Commerce Cloud Card 1811
  • An intuitive, easy to use Backoffice Product Content Management UI

  • An Extension Factory Integration to increase agility for adding more microservices

  • SAP Back-End Integration with SAP S/4HANA, providing a framework for connecting the omni-commerce capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud with other SAP products

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Hybris Card 6.7

Key features of 6.7 include

  • Additions to the China Accelerator to allow online conversations between agents and customers

  • New guidance features for business users to more effectively use Personalization

  • Data Hub features to limit Pending actions 

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Customer Experience Commerce Cloud Card 1808-1

Key features of 1808 include

  • Consent Management, Country, and Region APIs

  • A Backoffice Framework for consistent development

  • Context-driven services to drive conversion, raise order value, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty

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