eCommerce for the Apparel and Footwear Industry

Fashion retailers have unique requirements that demand a flexible, customizable, and scalable eCommerce solution. Whether you’re an online-only retailer or a mature brand with thousands of physical storefronts, creating a seamless omni-channel experience starts with a strong foundation.

Complex eCommerce platform technology once meant that retailers were restricted by expensive upgrades, clunky integrations and dated technology. Today, Thinkwrap empowers the world's leading retailers to scale their business faster, with lower costs and less risk.

Online apparel sales will rise 20% by 2020.

–Goldman Sachs, 2016

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Mobile commerce

Connect with the Smartphonistas

Today, more than 50% of online fashion-related purchases are completed using a mobile device, pointing to the dawn of a new generation of digital customers. Instant gratification and on-trend fashion go hand-in-hand and your fashion-forward customers want to buy from you, wherever, whenever.
A fully responsive design means you’ll never compromise on the customer experience and allows you to maintain a single site for all devices, lowering costs and speeding up implementation time.

Create an enviable customer experience

Your customers are loyal to your brand and expect a consistent, seamless experience no matter how they interact with you. A 360-degree view of shoppers gives your entire team—from the call center to the sales floor—access to real-time inventory and customer data. Up-to-the-minute information empowers your marketing team to put targeted offers in front of the right customers at just the right time, increasing average order value (AOV) and conversion rates.
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Move at the speed of fashion

Marketers in the apparel and footwear industry understand the tremendous benefit of responding quickly to trends. The monolithic platform approach used to mean that updates could take weeks, even months. By taking an agile microservices approach to eCommerce architecture, forward-thinking brands are transforming the way they do business—and as a result, significantly impacting their rate of growth. 

Faster time to market + reduced risk + lower cost of ownership = win-win (win).

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Smarter product recommendations

Increase conversions and drive customer loyalty with intelligent personalization and product recommendations. We use machine learning to recommend products based on what individual customers would be most likely to purchase next, rather than basing recommendations only on historical purchases.

For example, when your customer purchases a pair of pumps, you might suggest a matching handbag or belt as the next item to purchase, rather than more shoes. Optimize product recommendations by analyzing your product catalogue and customer behaviour in parallel with your unique business objectives, like supplier or brand preference, stock levels and price in order to maximize your profits.




Built-in dropshipping functionality offers the flexibility to offer a broader range of products with the added benefit of reduced risk and less inventory to manage. Plus, Thinkwrap’s dropshipping feature lets you completely control the customer experience through every touchpoint, from online merchandising to order fulfillment.

"As we open more stores and add partners, having everyone on the same platform and with a single view of our inventory helps us optimize operations to give better service to our customers."

—Michel Joncas, VP, Information Technology, Groupe Dynamite

Integrations & extensions for fashion retailers

Our extensive experience integrating with ERP, CRM, CMS and OMS systems completes the omni-channel circle by letting you connect to the backend user data you already have. Hundreds of integrations to third-party services including payment gateways, email service providers, loyalty programs, fraud detection services, social media and more mean retailers truly achieve omni-channel success.

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When you need to move fast, our quick start accelerators help you hit the ground running. We deliver an affordable, leading-edge commerce solution that combines the highest-impact features of an enterprise-grade e-commerce system into a compact offering that packs a punch.

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