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How SEO Helped a Sporting Goods Retailer Increase Their Organic Revenue by 101%

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About the Client

The client is a Canadian-owned and operated retailer of hunting, fishing and camping gear and apparel, serving outdoor enthusiasts. With both an eCommerce site and retail locations across Western Canada, they are dedicated to the sportsmen and women who have a passion for the great outdoors.

The Project

The client began working with Pivotree in 2014 to implement a new SAP Hybris Commerce platform, as part of their plan to enhance the overall user experience. The client leveraged the SAP Hybris B2C Accelerator, in order to get up and running in a relatively short time period.

The shorter implementation period did not allow for the level of customization required to optimize the site for SEO best practices. In 2016 the client began working with Pivotree’s optimization team with a goal to improve their overall search engine optimization. Over a six-month period, Pivotree focused on content and technical SEO, with some additional attention given to improving off-site SEO.


The first six months resulted in a significant increase in month-over-month online revenue, a reduction in index bloat, and improvements to the site’s average search engine rankings.

The Challenge

The client was dealing with a number of optimization challenges that were negatively affecting their customer experience. Pivotree identified key areas of improvement that would lead to the most meaningful ROI for the client. The client needed to generate more organic traffic, improve their conversion rate from organic traffic, reduce page load time and improve the visibility of site pages with Google (site and page rankings). There were also index bloat issues that needed to be resolved.

The Scope of Work

The scope of work was tackled with SEO content optimization, technical SEO optimization and other SEO improvements.

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The Impact

The changes made to content and technical SEO elements – alongside efforts made to improve off-site SEO, resulted in significant improvements to the client’s SEO standings.

The previous index bloat issue was resolved, which directly influenced an improvement to average page ranking and search impressions and clicks.

Additional on-page improvements include a 95% increase in traffic-generating keywords. Site speed was also improved while "not found" and sof 404 errors were reudced by 38% and 72% respectively.


The client has experienced a 101% increase in organic revenue.


Since implementing these changes, the client has experienced great success with a 41% month over month (MoM) increase in organic sessions, a 119% increase in organic transactions and a 101% increase in organic revenue.



Increase in organic mobile sessions



Increase in organic mobile revenue



Increase in organic visits (YoY)

On the mobile front, organic mobile sessions were up more than 50%, which lead to an increase in mobile revenue of 103%. Organic desktop sessions saw significant growth as well, including an impressive 262.42% increase in desktop revenue.


Want to know how we did it? Download the full case study below.

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