SAP Hybris B2B Accelerator

The SAP Commerce Accelerator is an industry-leading omni-channel eCommerce solution that can be used out-of-the-box and customized to meet the needs of B2B and B2C organizations.

Today’s B2B buyers expect the same omni-channel experience they receive when shopping on B2C commerce sites. With the SAP Commerce B2B Accelerator, organizations with complex B2B requirements can go to market faster, with all of the marketing and merchandising capabilities necessary to create an engaging B2B customer experience.

By providing a true omni-channel foundation that fully integrates web, customer service, mobile and social commerce, the B2B Accelerator empowers organizations to deliver industry-leading omni-channel solutions in less time and at a lower cost, in order to benefit from strategic growth across channels and regions.

Hybris B2B Accelerator

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Make B2B more like B2C

Now B2B organizations can use advanced targeting and personalization to enhance the buyer experience. Offer self-service tools, advanced product search using barcodes and product codes, and navigation to allow your buyers to easily make repeat purchases and buy in bulk. Provide omni-channel fulfillment options and helpful recommendations.

Navigate the complexities of B2B

The B2B Accelerator supports even the most complex business buying and selling requirements. Manage multiple buyer and user roles within your organization, customize product lists and search pages for specific buyers, departments and customers, and support complex B2B pricing models.

Seamless integration

The SAP Commerce B2B Accelerator works with your current back-end office systems, like your customers’ procurement systems, with support for SAP Commerce B2B Punch Out. Take advantage of web service integration with ERP solutions for credit checks and integrated sales quote processes.

self-service account management

B2B administrators can assign rights to employees, set up individual purchasing limits, configure approval rules and workflows and manage cost centres and budgets.

Empower and delight your buyers

Self-service tools allow buyers to place orders online and schedule orders to automatically replenish, leading to an industry-leading customer experience.

True Omni-channel

Start with a solid foundation for omni-channel commerce, with fully integrated web, customer service, mobile and social commerce.

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