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An SEO Strategy That's Built for eCommerce

Increasing visitors from organic search, enhancing your on-site search and improving sales conversion rates for eCommerce sites requires more sophisticated tactics than those needed to support most business websites.

Content is king, but optimizing your eCommerce site requires more than just on-page content changes. Search engines are evolving, giving increased weight to brand reputation, mobile user experience (UX), site performance and local presence.

Techniques that worked a year ago may now be less beneficial and foundational issues such as content duplication, improper canonicalization, index bloat and crawl budget limits are critical to achieving superior results.

SEO monitoring dashboard

Our team's experience incorporating modern SEO practices within SAP Hybris and the Oracle Commerce platform means you can hit the ground running and stay ahead of your competition.


Start seeing ROI sooner. Work with a single point of contact to make SEO changes faster and reach your customers before your competitors.


Consolidate all of your data in one place, eliminating the need for multiple tools, services and dashboards.


Gain a long-term partner to help you plan and implement changes targeted specifically for eCommerce.


Get peace of mind knowing our team is current on SEO best practices as they relate to your eCommerce platform. Seriously, we live for this stuff.


Choose your level of involvement. We’ll work alongside your internal team, your external agency, or as a full service partner, to build an SEO strategy tailored to your Oracle Commerce or SAP Hybris platform.


Bridge the gap between your marketing and IT teams. We know what can and cannot be implemented within the confines of the Oracle Commerce and SAP Hybris platforms, and our development team has the skills to make those changes.


Contact us to start getting more out of your SEO strategy.

Our Process

We do things differently, and we’re with you every step of the way. Through ongoing education and SEO training opportunities, we’ll consult with your team to help you create long-term, sustainable search engines optimization strategies.

SEO analyssi

+ Analysis

(step 1)

  • Meet your SEO analyst and dive right in. Identify concerns, discuss your goals and develop a comprehensive optimization plan.

  • Our eCommerce SEO assessment gives you a 360° view of your SEO health as it exists today.

seo roadmap

+ Goal Setting

(step 2)

  • Prioritize technical and content related SEO changes to maximize ROI.

  • Develop your ROI-driven SEO roadmap, so you’ll know what results you can expect.

SEO Monitor

+ Monitoring


  • Implementation of SEO changes on and off-site begin.

  • Weekly reports highlight any changes compared to baseline.

  • Meet with your SEO analyst and determine goals for your next campaign.

Our Experience

For over a decade, well-known retail brands have trusted Thinkwrap to deliver innovative eCommerce solutions for their online businesses. We help our clients get the most out of their eCommerce tools in order to maximize their revenue potential, and we specialize in applying our search engine optimization (SEO) knowledge to eCommerce websites to achieve those goals.

Our expertise in eCommerce SEO will empower you to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

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