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You can add product images to mobile search results

Mobile accounts for a huge amount of eCommerce site traffic, in fact nearly 56% of retail searches are now from mobile devices. This means it's important to optimize your site for mobile while also optimizing your rich snippet data for search result pages.


Google is now giving you more opportunities to improve your mobile conversions with the addition of product images in mobile search results. This lets you display a thumbnail of a product along with the normal URL, title, description and other rich snippets like reviews and price.

We have seen this being used for products ranging from wine glasses to Gro Clocks and more. It's being used by companies like Amazon, eBay, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc.

Simply adding the right schemas to your product pages can make a world of difference to a searcher's experience.


Google mobile search resultsJ_BBQ.png


Have you come across examples from other companies using images in mobile search results? Tweet at us and let us know!

By Bethny Card

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Bethny is a strong SEO resource for Thinkwrap and our clients. She holds an advanced diploma in Advertising, and brings with her over five years’ experience working in the digital marketing field across Canada and abroad. Her dedication to her career and thirst for knowledge contribute to her role helping customers achieve omnichannel growth maximum ROI.

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