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UTM Parameters Best Practices

It’s good that your site is getting traffic and your marketing seems to be working, but can you tell where all your traffic is really from? Or what campaign is performing the best from a single...

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HTTP sites are in trouble with Google

There are less than three months left in 2016, but there are probably more pressing dates on your mind with events like Cyber Week and December holidays right around the corner. Those are both...

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SEO Keyword Selection - Part 1: How to Find High-Impact SEO Keywords Using Tools You Already Have

“I know I need SEO, but I don’t really know why. I mean can’t I just write something about my products and get more visitors and sales?”

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What Does eCommerce SEO mean?

eCommerce SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in its rawest form involves optimizing your site to Google’s ever-changing standards by making your site as user friendly and as crawler friendly as...

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