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A Customer Data Cloud to build trust with modern customers


th, SAP announced their next generation front office suite for creating great commerce experiences - putting the customer at the center of every touchpoint - including marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Built around these 4 core tools for offering customers seamless interactions with your brand, the new suite includes a highly optimized solution for building trusting customer relationships through a personalized, transparent and secure repository of customer data. It’s called the SAP Customer Data Cloud, and this is the key in SAP’s strategy to take on the CRM market. Having one repository of data, to share between your CRM, commerce platform, marketing, sales and service engine means your customer has the opportunity - at every touchpoint - to feel secure, to have a personalized experience and to seamlessly interact with your company.

In 2011, this was a catalyst for why our organization, Thinkwrap Commerce, started working with Gigya,  the original creators of this tool. We were determined to provide our clients with the opportunity to adopt such a system.  We understood that the moment you start pulling customer data from various sources, is the moment you lose control of your digital relationship with that customer. This opens your system to issues like being unable to provide customers personalized control over what they want your company to know, creating trust issues, and undermining your goal to create a great commerce experience.  More than two-thirds of consumers don’t trust brands with their personal information because they understand this system is broken – they see it every time they experience friction when switching channels, where you have to recollect data, asking for the same permissions over and over. This has led to more regulation around data management, including GDPR, which you can learn the basics of, here.

GDPR – which SAP Customer Data Cloud can help you achieve compliance for – was created with the goal of putting the customer in control of their data. This is creating a lot of work for brands with customers in the EU. You have probably even received a few “Privacy Policy” email updates in the past few weeks. The truth is, meeting GDPR requirements will help companies put themselves at a competitive advantage due to building trust with customers systematically. The goal of SAP Customer Data Cloud is to build that trust and transparency into the customer journey – where privacy is built into the customer experience by design, making it easy for you to remain within the GDPR (and potentially future data regulation) requirements.

Another aspect of interest in regards to this tool, is how it builds data through adding value for customers. The customer journey starts at anonymity, while data accumulates over time, with customers offering full consent for each step of the journey, meaning they feel secure over what they share with you. Over time, that trust grows, until they become brand advocates. As their relationship with your brand grows, you have more opportunities to ask questions around their preferences, interests, and shopping goals. This takes away the “creep” factor of using data they did not explicitly consent to sharing with you, while building a better shopping experience.

The Customer Data Cloud includes 3 major components:

1 | SAP CUSTOMER IDENTITY: Customer Identity & Access
2 | SAP CUSTOMER CONSENT: Communication Preferences & Consent Management
3 | SAP CUSTOMER PROFILE: Profile Management, Governance & Orchestration

I believe, and Thinkwrap Commerce’s team of experts believe, that this tool is a great choice for those brands wanting to achieve omnichannel excellence, build trust with their customers, and meet the requirements of government regulations around data. The three components mentioned above represent a thorough, holistic approach to creating great commerce experiences for customers concerned about data privacy.

Our specialists have been working with Gigya for years, including it in various projects for some of the most well known brands in commerce. If you’re interested in learning more about the evolution of this tool to SAP Customer Data Cloud, and how it can be included in your Digital Transformation project, we welcome you to reach out to us.



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By Tracey Nero

As SVP Sales (SAP Practice), Tracey is responsible for revenue growth and strategy, as well as developing a strong sales, marketing, and channel management organization as it relates to the SAP Practice. She has 25+ years of experience in business development and sales and has been recognized as an effectual client-facing strategist, delivering integrated solutions for efficient business practices. In addition to her experience, Tracey holds an MBA in International Business.

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