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Thinkwrap: Restructure Announcement

Commencing on November 1, 2012, Thinkwrap announces the restructure of its business into two distinct corporate entities: Thinkwrap Solutions Inc. (aka Thinkwrap Commerce) and Veriday Inc.

Veriday is a new corporate entity 100%-owned by the employees from the former Thinkwrap Mississauga operation, led by Marc Lamoureux as their CEO. Thinkwrap will remain 100%-owned by employees from within its Ottawa operation.

This restructure is designed to allow each company to pursue its separate and evolving strategic interests with increased focus and execution under its own management and ownership. Thinkwrap Commerce will move forward with a sole focus on delivering omni-channel Commerce solutions to retail and retail-minded clients online. Veriday will continue to pursue its vision as a leader in the advancement of Location-Based Service (LBS) solutions and complex integrated Portal solutions.


Steve Byrne
CEO - Thinkwrap

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