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Visual QR Codes

Visual QR Codes give the ability to incorporate images with your traditional QR code, allowing further creativity in how you can make use of them as a marketing tool. 

For traditional retailers, QR Codes represent one tool that can be used to bridge the gap between in-store and online channels - if executed properly.  Codes must be placed where customers can comfortably scan them.  When shopping in-store, customers do not necessarily want to scan a QR Code unless there is an incentive - like more product information, product reviews, supporting videos, discounts or loyalty points.

Coupled with a mobile application, you can further personalize the in-store shopping experience by adding functionality like: add items to your wish-list,  recommendations on similar or upcoming new items from the product that you scanned.  The possibilities are endless.

One use-case for a Visual QR code is: if a customer enters a store looking for a specific pair of shorts that happens to be sold-out in their size or desired color, you might lose that customer to your competitor in the same shopping mall.  If you place a Visual QR Code on the empty shelf with a picture of the ‘sold-out’ product, you have a chance to recover customer before they walk out the door.  A message might read:

Did not find the product you are looking for?
Scan to buy this product online.  

Enjoy free shipping on us!


The shopper on their smartphone is then taken to the product page on your mobile-optimized Commerce site where they can quickly make the purchase and continue shopping in your store.  You have now increased the availability of products in your store without increasing your inventory levels.

Here are some further examples of QR Codes in retail:

EXPRESS attracts window shoppers to download their mobile app  (source:


Can’t be in every mall?  Nike uses billboards in this Australian mall to sell direct (source:


Get more product details and customer reviews at Best Buy stores (source:


QR Codes are just one tool at your disposal that can be used to create a true Omni-Channel shopping experience.   Customers want a consistent shopping experience – regardless of how they interact with your brand.

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