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Our Chili Cook-off

With the Canadian winter approaching, faster than we want to admit, we decided to combat it with our own kind of "chili".

Wednesday November 16th, Thinkwrap held a Chili Cook-off where 5 of our amazing cooks showcased their best recipes and competed for the glory of office bragging rights.

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Holy Hell’s Chili by Kai

This chili offered an ocean of zesty flavour featuring a little sweet and lots of spicy. This pork, chicken and turkey chili was infused with habanero peppers to give it a deep, flavourful spice that left alarms going off.


Chili Chili Bang Bang by Joel

A taste of New Mexico in a chili. This dish, loaded with meat, chipotle, guajillo, ancho, smoked serrano peppers gives you a little bit of smoke and a little punch of heat.


Where’s the Beef? By Tara

This tantalizing mid-vegetarian dish balanced natural sweet potatoes with the chili keystone of mixed beans. The secret that made this dish truly amazing was fresh cilantro!


Hearty Beef Magic with a Hint of Awesome by Brad

The Hearty Beef Magic left us in a dazed spell with its touch of awesome from a delicate blend of ground beef, pasta sauce, beans, various chili spices, whole tomatoes, steak spice, and a few other assorted ingredients.


The aromas throughout the office were mouthwatering and the race was close. The verdict was difficult as voters had to go back for seconds (and thirds) before awarding the winner. But chili prevailed and the five alarmed 2016 People's Choice Winner for #1 Best Chili was Holy Hell’s Chili by Kai.

We want to thank all our cooks, all our voters and congratulate Kai for his brag-worthy chili.

What are you doing to combat the winter chill?

By Bethny Card

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Bethny is a strong SEO resource for Thinkwrap and our clients. She holds an advanced diploma in Advertising, and brings with her over five years’ experience working in the digital marketing field across Canada and abroad. Her dedication to her career and thirst for knowledge contribute to her role helping customers achieve omnichannel growth maximum ROI.

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