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Upgrading to Oracle Commerce 11.1

Staying current with your technology infrastructure is an important part of protecting your investment.  It helps to understand what added functionality is available in each release when planning your upgrade.  For Oracle Commerce, there have been significant improvements made in the latest version.


Notable Improvements in Oracle Commerce 11.1:


1) Merging of ATG Commerce with EndecaATG Search becomes deprecated after version 10.2 and replaced by the more powerful Endeca Guided Search & Navigation in version 11.x.  Endeca has long been the leading in-site search tool for the Internet Retailer 500 with its ability to search structured and unstructured content.

Endeca Experience Manager is a key differentiator for Oracle Commerce against other Commerce platforms.  It allows the business user to control content on any part of the site, with an ability to create endless dynamic, personalized pages.  The product road map continues to evolve with a more integrated ATG and Endeca toolkit.

2) Deeper Omni-channel Experience Delivery:
The Assisted Selling Reference Application (ASA) now allows store associates to ‘add to cart’ by scanning a bar code and includes sled integration for credit/debit card payment. With a new out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Retail Point of Service (ORPOS), orders can be suspended and transferred from the sales associate to the POS.

3) Digital Experience & Content Management Business User Control:
Added lightweight Content Management capability introduced directly into the BCC reduces the need for some to integrate with a 3rd-party CMS, making publishing content more efficient for business users.

4) Evolution of B2B Commerce Features: 
Allows for individuals to be members of multiple purchasing organizations.  Guaranteed quotes can now be integrated with the back-end.

5) Platform TCO Enhancements & Integrations:
Improvements are introduced to the Catalog Maintenance Service (CMS) and website performance is improved by eliminating the storage of empty shopping carts in the database.  Multi-site integration has extended further into the Experience Manager toolkit with the introduction of 'sites' to Experience Manager.

More information about the Oracle Commerce 11.1 release can be found here.

To see what was new in the previous major release, Oracle Commerce 11.0, click here.



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Oracle Endeca Guided Search is the most effective way for your customers to dynamically explore your storefront and find relevant and desired items quickly. An industry-leading faceted search and Guided Navigation solution, Oracle Endeca Guided Search enables businesses to help guide and influence customers in each step of their search experience.


Oracle Endeca Experience Manager

Oracle Endeca Experience Manager enables you to create, deliver, and manage content-rich, cross-channel customer experiences. It allows non-technical business users to deliver targeted, user-centric online experiences in a scalable way — creating always-relevant customer interactions that increase conversion rates and accelerate cross-channel sales.


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 An upgrade project presents an ideal opportunity to improve the health of your site, re-evaluate hosting fees, and refresh your IT infrastructure.  As an eCommerce specialist, Tenzing provides managed services and hosting to more retailers on Oracle Commerce than any other hosting provider and can work with you to complete an upgrade on optimized infrastructure.


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