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HTTP sites are in trouble with Google

There are less than three months left in 2016, but there are probably more pressing dates on your mind with events like Cyber Week and December holidays right around the corner. Those are both hugely important to retailers, but we also need to remember New Year’s. This year, Dec. 31st represents more than just a night to stay up late watching the clock. This year, SEOs around the globe will be counting down the seconds to 2017 – which is when Google will throw us a major curve ball.

In 2017, Google is changing their security regulations. This change will flag sites without SSL certification that collect confidential information, such as passwords or credit card information. A red-flagged site will be marked unsafe, which will affect the site's SEO, site integrity and ultimately, conversion rate.

Starting in January, Google will begin labelling password or credit card form fields as "not secure". Following this release, they plan on doing the same for incognito mode, eventually labelling all HTTP pages as non-secure. 

Making your site SSL certified will add a ‘padlock’ to your site. Small data files will digitally bind a cryptographic key to your site and user data, allowing secure connections from your web server to a browser. This will allow private information to be collected without the problems of eavesdropping, data tampering, or message forgery, turning your HTTP site into a HTTPS site.




This is indeed a problem, but I am sure you can wait until next year right? You have more important things to worry about. Wrong!

Although this change will only physically show within Google's Chrome browser initially, the effects of the label will be reflected in your ranking within Google as a whole, and will affect traffic from all browsers Google searches. Based on what we saw with Google's real time algorithm change from Penguin 4.0, this impact will be fast, impacting your organic traffic, and overall revenue quickly.


Get HTTPS now, before Google's security changes hurt your SEO. Contact us to learn more.

By Bethny Card

As a Digital Marketing Specialist, Bethny is a strong SEO resource for Thinkwrap and our clients. She holds an advanced diploma in Advertising, and brings with her over five years’ experience working in the digital marketing field across Canada and abroad. Her dedication to her career and thirst for knowledge contribute to her role helping customers achieve omnichannel growth maximum ROI.

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