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Happy Halloween!

It's Oct. 31... the spookiest day of the year! What better way to celebrate than to turn your unsuspecting coworker's desk into a haunted house, complete with chimney (non-operational), faux wood-grain shutters and an obligatory rat-door, because Halloween.


Check out how the Thinkwrap team added some scare to one of our Project Manager's workstations.


Robyn haunted house Haunted house

Robyn settling into her new home.


And here's a time lapse of how we did it. 


Happy Halloween from the Thinkwrap team!

By Alyssa Hanson

Alyssa is part of Thinkwrap's Digital Marketing team and has more than 10 years' experience developing integrated campaigns for leading brands. She's passionate about eCommerce, tech, design, and video games.

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