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Thinkwrap's Recap of eCOMMTL 2015

This year Thinkwrap Commerce attended the fifth edition of ECOMMTL on May 6, 2015 at the Montreal Science Centre.

A science center was the ideal location for a conference looking to create an interactive experience for attendees to get inspired, learn and meet industry leaders who transform the eCommerce world.

Upon arrival, attendees were handed a flower and guided through an exhibit hall that allowed them to understand the steps of selling a product (in this case a flower) online. Exhibitors ranged from eCommerce strategists, to logistics providers and technology solutions. North-American eCommerce leaders also treated attendees to a full day of insightful presentations, including Best Buy Canada, AirBnB, LinkedIn, Google, HBC, eBay, the Montreal Canadiens, and many more.

One of the exciting annoucements of the day came right from the first session.  Thierry Hay-Sabourin, the VP eCommerce at Best Buy Canada, announced that Best Buy will be launching an online Canadian marketplace similar to Amazon's concept whereby Canadian retailers will be able to partner and sell their products directly through Best Buy's Marketplace site, taking advatange of their eCommerce platform, their store network for pickups and returns, and their huge volume of website traffic.

ECOMMTL 2015 Omni-channel panel discussion featuring representatives from HBC, Roots Canada, Mondou, and the Montreal Canadiens

Throughout the day, three key messages surfaced: (1) Developing content relevant to a specific consumer is necessary for the success of a retailer’s eCommerce business, (2) eCommerce is more than just having a transactional website – it’s an overall corporate strategy, and (3) Retailers must always think about their brand’s identity when designing an eCommerce website.

This event was a great opportunity for retailers and consultants to deepen their knowledge of eCommerce.  It was a great day, and we look forward to attending next year.


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