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It takes hard work to make it look easy

After providing a wide range of technology solutions for customers ranging from Google to major banks to the Democratic National Convention, Thinkwrap Commerce began redefining its focus. Working exclusively with Art Technology Group (ATG), which provides a comprehensive e-commerce platform, Thinkwrap now works with corporate clients to unify their commercial activities across all channels through which they interact with customers – an approach called omni-channel commerce. These channels include online, instore, mobile devices, social media and call centres. With annual sales of almost $10-million in 2011, Thinkwrap is poised to grow at a rate of about 30% a year. We talked to CEO Steve Byrne about the company’s growth strategy and the priorities that have led Thinkwrap to become this year’s winner of the BDO Business Value Award.

To read more, download PDF here: Thinkwrap_BDO Award

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