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2017 Cyber Week Trends

Cyber Monday Sale


Ah, Cyber Week, the 7-day (or more) online shopping extravaganza following Black Friday… otherwise known as the holy grail of online retail. Our support team has spent months helping Thinkwrap customers to prepare for the big day, and will be working tirelessly to ensure our customers can focus on what matters.

Getting started earlier

To the surprise of literally no one, retailers are getting Cyber Week celebrations underway well before Cyber Monday. Some retailers kick things off as early as Thanksgiving Day, blending deals into Black Friday, which has traditionally been reserved for those bargain hunters brave enough to venture in-store, and lasting through the week. This year, Dell’s Cyber Week deals started on Nov. 15, almost a full two weeks before Cyber Monday!

Omnichannel for the win

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday having morphed into one big event, retailers that offer a truly omnichannel experience will come out on top. Just because shoppers aren’t venturing into stores as often as they did even a few year ago, that doesn’t mean they’re sitting at home with their laptop either. Brands that optimize their site for mobile visitors come out as winners year round, and the impact will be amplified during Cyber Week.

Giving customers the flexibility to buy online, pickup in store gives last-minute shoppers the best of both worlds.


Push notifications

On the topic of omnichannel, retailers with both an online and bricks-and-mortar presence are using push notifications to inspire shoppers to visit their retail locations. Similarly, in-store signage is used to direct store shoppers to download the retailer’s app or sign up for an email newsletter.


Surprise! More deals

While many retailers are getting started earlier, many will keep some last minute “surprise” deals in their arsenal, only revealing these on Cyber Monday. The goal being to capture as many sales as possible before the big day, while also living up to customers’ expectations that the best sales will happen on Cyber Monday, keeping them checking back over the days leading up.



Turns out 2 in 5 customers are perfectly fine with interacting with chatbots when it comes to customer support, as long as their issue is resolved. Expect major retailers to leverage chatbots during the hectic Cyber Week. 


Taking a pass

On the other end of the spectrum are brands who are choosing not to take part in the madness at all, opting out of Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. This trend has increased in popularity over the last few years with some notable brands including Patagonia and REI (who coined the hashtag #OptOutside), encouraging customers to spend time exploring nature rather than shopping indoors.

What Cyber Week trends have you noticed?


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By Alyssa Hanson

Alyssa is part of Thinkwrap's Digital Marketing team and has more than 10 years' experience developing integrated campaigns for leading brands. She's passionate about eCommerce, tech, design, and video games.

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