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At Pivotree, we modify and stretch your existing resources, new systems and ongoing innovation to help your company reach new heights and grow. There is no magic solution in-a-box, just clear strategy, astute technology and an uncommon will to adapt relentlessly, keeping your company ahead and winning.

Pivotree is the only end-to-end provider supporting clients from strategy, platform selection, deployment, and hosting through to ongoing support: a single expert resource to help companies succeed in an ever-changing digital commerce landscape. Pivotree solutions start with reliable, world-class Commerce and MDM platforms fitting a variety of client needs, situations and budgets. Pivotree is a trusted partner to over 200 market-leading brands and forward-thinking B2C and B2B companies, including many Fortune 1000.



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The ecommerce landscape is changing dramatically and rapidly, so our company is too; to stay ahead and to help our clients do the same.

In early 2018, Tenzing, Thinkwrap Commerce and Spark::red merged into one company, to unite and harmonize complementary areas of expertise under a single provider from Digital Strategy and Implementation to Managed Services and Infrastructure Evolution.

This merger created a global commerce and information management services firm with offices, employees and clients in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. We have done our very best to make that transition as seamless as possible to you, our customers, and we wholeheartedly thank you for working with us as we adapt and change to become an even more formidable partner to help your company win in the marketplace.

On March 20th, 2019,  we were thrilled to announce the new name and identity of our combined company: Pivotree.

Thank you for continuing to choose us as your trusted partner in this critical component of your business. As Pivotree, we look forward to helping hone your company’s ecommerce advantages further and strengthen the roots of our already strong relationship.


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With its dedicated focus on eCommerce, the technical team at Pivotree has been able to retain and build on the lessons we have learned from every eCommerce project we have undertaken over the years.  We have a habit of constant collaboration through organized lunch-and-learns, monthly “Food for Thought” sessions, a heavily-used internal wiki, and internal social media tools.  These are all catalysts for the continual improvement and fine tuning of technical skills, eCommerce product knowledge, and retail-industry awareness. The team continues to invest in building expertise on the Oracle Commerce, SAP Customer Experience, and ElasticPath Commerce platforms today, and has become one of the most trusted teams for Commerce and Customer Experience System Integration on the planet.


Pivotree has a strong foundation of values that define how we do business. These values include:

  • Honesty, Transparency and Open-Mindedness
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Employee and Customer Loyalty
  • Teamwork
  • Ideas, Innovation, Initiative
  • Technology Excellence
  • Safe, Healthy, Happy and Rewarding Workplace




BDO Business Value Award (2012)

BDO Business Value Award (2012)
The BDO Business Value Award was created in association with PROFIT Magazine to recognize the importance of creating sustainable value in a business. It is awarded to one exemplary business from each of the PROFIT 200 and PROFIT HOT 50 rankings of Canadian growth companies.



Profit 200

Profit 200 (2009-2015)

The PROFIT 200 is the largest annual celebration of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, ranked by five-year revenue growth. Illustrating our consistent growth, Pivotree has been named a Profit 200 company for four consecutive years.





Branham 300 (2010-2015)

The Branham300 list ranks Canada’s top 300 public and private ICT companies. Pivotree continues to climb the Branham 300 list, ranking number 133 in 2018.



Ottawa's Fastest Growing Companies

Ottawa’s Fastest-Growing Companies (2009-2011)

Pivotree has placed in the top-10 list for Ottawa’s Fastest-Growing Companies for three years in a four year period, based on annual revenue growth over a running three-year period. This list is published by the Ottawa Business Journal (OBJ).